Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: How do students benefit from the ¡Sí! Workbook?

    A: The Workbook offers young language learners the guidance and support necessary to master the basic principals of Spanish. Your students will learn the alphabet in upper and lower case forms, recognize the difference between consonants and vowels, form syllables and words, and begin to read and write in Spanish.

  • Q: How do teachers benefit from the ¡Sí! Workbook?

    A: The activities, exercises, and vocabulary enrichment pages can supplement lesson plans, or fully replace them. The Workbook’s structure allows teachers the freedom to address individual student needs, while providing the support necessary to make literacy a reality in every classroom.

  • Q: How do schools benefit from the ¡Sí! Workbook?

    A: The Workbook can assist in creating lesson plans and curricular objectives from scratch, or it can enhance the current bilingual curriculum. Additionally, the Workbook exercises are based on current teaching pedagogies aimed at accelerated learning and bilingual literacy. It is an excellent addition to any bilingual program.

"If you want to have excellent readers and writers, use this book!" 1st Grade Teacher