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¡Sí! Teacher’s Guide

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The ¡Sí! Workbook Teacher’s Guide is designed to assist new and experienced teachers in bilingual classrooms. The Guide includes detailed explanations of the skills taught in the ¡Sí! Workbook, teaching suggestions, additional exercises, and answers. When used in conjunction with the Workbook, teachers can make literacy a reality in every classroom. The Guide is sold in a convenient and accessible USB flash drive form.

ISBN: 9780692577196

Written by Ivana S. Sopianac

Ivana Sopianac is a teacher with 40+ years of experience in bilingual classrooms. She has taught at the elementary, secondary, and university level. In her four decades as a bilingual teacher, Ivana witnessed the growing crisis in literacy and dropout rates among bilingual students. In response, she founded ¡Sí! Bilingual Books to provide young language learners with the resources necessary for success. Today, Ivana continues to work with students while planning her next book.

Author: Ivana S. Sopianac
ISBN: 9780692577196
Pages: 89
Format: flash drive

The activities, exercises, and vocabulary enrichment pages can supplement lesson plans, or fully replace them. The Workbook’s structure allows teachers the freedom to address individual student needs, while providing the support necessary to make literacy a reality in every classroom.

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The Workbook

Every student who uses the Workbook will have all the resources they need to learn the basics of reading and writing in Spanish.

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Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Guide is a roadmap for new teachers and an excellent resource for experts.

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After a few lessons, students can begin to read using the stories in the reader.

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"If you want to have excellent readers and writers, use this book!" 1st Grade Teacher